Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is there a God? Or are you just happy to see me?

So I've decided to philosophically tackle a subject that has been discussed since creation or it's creation. Of course I speak of the One and only GOD (gods if you're polytheistic).
I recently had a conversation with my brother one day about the existence of UFOs. I was saying that it is mathematically impossible for our species to be the only "intelligent" life in our universe.
My brother answered "Well I believe in the Bible so..."
I went on rattling on about the universe and space travel capabilities and how one day we will be the one abducting aliens from far off planets.
My brother again responded "All that stuff is the government covering up their top secret military hardware."
I agreed and added that it can't be all government weapons of war. I mean there is an incalculable amount of space around us with nearly an infinite amount of stars that could sustain life. I mean we live on a planet as small as earth and at one time we use to think the world was flat and nobody existed over the great Atlantic ocean. Now, as an American, I know that isn't true. So I went to explain that there was evidence that there was life on Mars and it may have been a catalyst for life on this planet. There was a brief pause, knowing that we were moving into argument country...not argument more of a disagreement demilitarized zone. We paused and my brother started to tell me how we have diffrent beliefs, he believes in God and I don't. I quickly answered with a "I never said I didn't believe in God." He said ok and continued with his point. I have to admit that I completely didn't hear a word of his conversation after that statement. I wasn't angry at him. I guess it just got me thinking.Photobucket
So our conversation ended and we said good bye and I was left behind to contemplate why a good amount of my family thinks I'm an Atheist.
I'm not an Atheist. I just think Atheist are the opposite side of the same religious coin. Some say Satanism would be the opposite but I don't think Christianity or any kind of religion would really function properly with out a villain. Some evil figure that explains why there is so much hatred and self destruction.
Atheists don't buy into the bad movie called religion. So their certainty lies not with Satan or evil but that there is no God. So the whole religion game does not pertain to them. Unfortunately something like 90% of the whole world believes in some sort of higher being and in this day and age it seems like every major conflict that has ever been fought has been on the behalf or fueled by one religious belief or another.
I unfortunately am not certain of either. I think it's sill to hear people go on about how they are for certain. That they know for sure that there is a God and in addition that they know his/her/its will or big plan for everybody in the world.
I guess, deep down, I'm a little jealous of those who follow a religion or are Atheists because they seem to sure of their convictions. That is a major hang up to get out of the way. Better nights of sleep would follow if there wasn't so many different events today and in history that would inspire so much doubt.
So I zone out at work trying to think if there is anything that could convince me of one the other, black or white, Pepsi or Coke which will it be.
I mean if I was Atheist I would probably fumble with the idea of no God would be kind of scary. I grew up with a very religious family so I was indoctrinated very early. There is also that there is no specific concept that I know of that Atheists don't believe in. Ok maybe you don't believe in the Judeo/Christian God and other major religious figures in the world...but the concept is still so vague.
I mean what constitutes a God?
Does God have to be something that creates life? If so then I believe in Mom and Dad since I was born. Oh and I've also believed in my parents Grand Parents.
I mean Zues had Chronos my Mom had my Uelo.
What if the criteria for a God? Is it the power to destory? Then we should get on our knees and worship Oppenheimer and his wonderful toys.Photobucket
Maybe it needs to be just and good and cares for his/her/its servants.
Well, that has not happen. Every culture that has worshipped a God or Gods has been left to fend for themselves one time or another. Christians, Jews, Native Americans, Muslims, Romans, Babylonians, you name it and there has been a point where they needed their God and he didn't show up. There is nothing wrong with just means that maybe this concept of a perfect being with perfect intentions ruling over us in a very imperfect way is one perfect contradiction, but to say there no God depends on ones point of view of what God is.
On the other hand if I was true follower God I don't think the constant contradictions would sit well with me.
A mercyful God punishing those who don't believe properly will be punished.
So a convicted serial killer can find Jesus in jail. Really say he's sorry and make it into heaven.
But some one who lives their lives peacefully and righteously and doesn't believe in Jesus goes to hell forever.
Or the constant land disputes between Jews and Muslims, both who claim that has giving this New Jersey sized parcel of land that they attack each other like wolverines over. Funny enough that both the Muslims and Jews fallow nearly the same Monotheistic philosophy, even sharing some of the same Holidays. The Christians have a long history in of not only being fed to lions, but perpetuating genocide from indigenous Americans, Jews, even having it's own terrorist organization known as the Ku Klux Klan, and what the fuck is the Dali Lama doing in a fucking Mercedes. What happened to the cause of suffering is desire!?!
of Then again like I was saying before to completely cancel out the existence of God because how treat each other is a bit hasty.
I mean scientists are searching for the illustrious "God" particle that they hope would give answers on the origins of all mass in the universe. Photobucket something so small and so simple really be the perfect example of a Universal "God" One that is not bound my human prejudice, morals or logic. It exists so that everything exists and it exists in all of us.
It's like the great George Carlin put it. If there is a God I would worship it would be the sun. It gives all the the things we need to live and it never judges or interferes in our way life.
If George Carlin can say that there is a "God" of sorts well then there could be.
As a human we have always strived to discover the answers to some of the simplest and most difficult questions.
Maybe there was something to that tree of knowledge that Judeo/Christian God tried to protect Adam and Eve from. Maybe he knew that knowledge would drive them insane with questions that perhaps God could not or would not answer.
Maybe the tree of knowledge was the temptation of a life completely independent of God. They say that Eden was a paradise, just like heaven and ignorance is bliss. This is not a coincidence.
Perhaps in this particular story in the Bible Adam and Eve pulled the back the curtain only to reveal that the great Oz was themselves lost in the realization that their lives were their own and the facade could only do so much.
I'm not saying that God is a placebo, but what if the truth was that there is no one looking out for out there in the Universe.
Would faith die?
Is God the hope that lies within us all that there is someone control so we couldn't be responsible for our actions, for our children, for what is expected of us. Or are we just ants screaming into the waves at a midnight shore believing the crashing of the waves are the returned prayers with all the answers rushing towards us. The great response to our inevitable extinction.
I guess I don't believe in God but I can't help thinking there is something out there that just might fit the profile. Who know.
I don't so I won't pretend that I do.

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