Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So there has been a rumor floating around that a certain over-hyped young woman is to play Catwoman in the next Batman installment. Luckily the rumors turned out to be false.
I'm sorry am I the only one that is just tired of Megan Fox. Yes she's sexy but I don't think acting wise she really has brought anything to table. Looks can get you far...but not that far.
I am a comic book nerd and like so many of my kind. Heroines and vixen villains are source of female empowerment as well as sexuality that lies just under the skin tight rubber costumes of so many of these ladies of crime.
The one that has stood out over the decades has been the one and only Catwoman.
Over the years so many have played this sophisticated cat burglar. In the comics she was the only female villain to take on the Batman. She possessed no super powers no fancy gadgets except for a whip and claws. She had the one weapon that Batman couldn't really find a immunity for (and neither had most comic fans) was her Sexuality.
I know I can hear the snickering and giggling in the back, but I believe that female sexuality is probably one of the time honored weapons that women have used literature and comics. I'm not saying that is the only weapons women have. Wonder Woman has her goddess-like strength, Harley Quinn has psychosis, and any X-men leading lady has fill in blank superpower.
But let's try and stick to those who have not been blessed with the super natural gifts of strength or laser eye beams. Instead some characters use their feminine wilds to entrap or take out opponents who are physically overpowering.
Catwoman is the epitome of the femme fatale. She is strong, independent, and beautiful.Now, I know that Catwoman wears her signature scantly clad outfit like so many heroines must just to make the break in to main stream comics. Sex sells and for those nerds like me growing up...this was the closet thing to sex.
So Megan fox playing the leather clad feline queen of crime? FUCK NO! She is to young, Catwoman, for me, had experience, she was young at heart but not some high school kid just having a joy ride of it all. Then again Catwoman was about the thrill of the hunt. I know Megan Fox is the flavor of the month but she still needs to do some work that has depth cause Catwoman has some depth to her.
My heart will always be with the original Catwomen like Ertha Kitt who had the scrumptious voice and Julie Newmar who...fuck she's Julie Newmar.
but on of the best that I've seen coming close to the whole Catwoman persona was definitely Michelle Pfeiffer. She had the mouth watering looks with the no bullshit attitude that you expect from another costumed loner in Gotham City.
The part that really summed it up for me was in Batman Returns when young woman gets pulled into alley by some long haired lummox that is about to give his victim the ole' in-out when Catwoman comes in and beats the shit out of him and claws his face up good. The damsel in distress turns to thank Catwoman for saving her when Michelle Pfeiffer grabs her by the face and tells her. "You girls are all the same. Waiting around for a Batman to save you. I'm Catwoman hear me roar." I know it may sound goofy but it actually made perfect sense. Catwoman isn't a victim and she won't tolerate one. This won't win Miss Kitty any super hero awards (even though in the comics she becomes "a good guy") There are tough guys with attitudes to match...Catwoman can hack it just like the rest of them. So I should shut my mouth already and give out the picks for Catwoman if I was Christopher Nole.
I think for right now only two ladies jump out at me as a possible Catwoman.
Rosario Dawson and Christina Hendricks
Now I know that Rosario Dawson has played the though girl in Sin City but she definitely will need to bring up the deadly sexual charisma up a little bit but for action chops and looks Dawson has it all. She is a strong pick for me especially her character in Sin City, but the new comer that has really given a good running would be Christina Hendricks.
She certainly has the looks and the sexuality to melt Mr. Freeze to a puddle of quivering ooze and she has the attitude that is on display weekly thanks to Mad Men. The only thing that I could see her doing is deepening the voice a little. Not Death metal deep more like Kathleen Turner deep...holy shit. Kathleen Turner.........whao, I was in a special place there for a second dam that voice.
So who will be the coveted Catwoman, hell Christopher Nolan may not even put Miss Kitty in the movie. Then again, Christopher Nolan can take any one and make them to heavy Batman hitter. I remember saying that it was a huge mistake to make that guy from Knight's Tale the Joker. Boy was I wrong, but Catwoman...I never miss.