Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Exorcism? Dam near killed him!!!

For some reason the practice of one man fucking another man outside of the confines of a state prison has scared society since it's conception.
I don't fucking know?
But it's scary as well as funny every time I see the reactions and "solutions" to this horrible plague that has infested this great planet of ours.
So there is a huge buzz about this video on Youtube that some church in Connecticut had uploaded.
The video takes place at a black church where a priest, priest's wife and some deacons all take turns trying to exorcise a demon of homosexuality.
Maybe not a demon of homosexuality...lets just say a gay demon.
I mean lets be honest, I don't mind those who have become possessed by demons...just as long as they are straight demons. I can't emphasize this enough. Anyhoo...

So for nine minutes this grainy low budget home movie of what looks to be a gang feel up on some teen having a seizure, is suppose to spiritually expel these "gay demons" from this teen who is suspected of being gay.
(Quick hint: this teen isn't going to make his break on Broadway with acting like that.)
Unfortunately, the end of the video is cut off so I never get to see if the boy is cured and what a gay demon looks like.

Thank God that finally religious zealots have found away to be rid of something they don't understand...They've already mastered the exorcising of reason and logic, it was just a natural progression.
I can't wait till their next video when they wrestle some Paleontologists to the ground and exorcise that bullshit story about evolution and that dinosaurs were not being used as vehicles for cavemen.
I guess even as I make light of this situation to be very really scares me.
Has it come down to this. Have so many people giving up on finding their own way in life that they approach any lifestyle that they do not understand with the reasoning and intelligence they would use to fight off a wizard or unicorn.
This is the 21st Century and yes I'm upset that there are no flying cars but have so many become so codependent on God that they've given up on thinking for them selves.
I know that everyone has a gay cousin or uncle or aunt. Everybody is less than 4 degrees away form some one who is gay, lesbian, or trans gender and I'm suppose to believe that this lifestyle is so alien so..."fiendish" that no one can see the human behind the well oiled chest and rainbow flag.
If there is a God in heaven I would like to know which is his favorite gay child.
My guess...Buddy Cole.

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