Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Puerto Rican Judge!!! There goes the Judicial System

I was originally going to post something about my love for cosplay instead I find my self forced to comment on what is going on in Washington.
So, it looks like we will finally have Latina in the Supreme Court. Who thought I would see the day.
I'm not surprised that during questioning of Sotomayor the most prevalent question to be asked would be of race. Every Republican jumped around or just plowed the future judge with race based questions.
Ms Sotomayor was part of a decision that denied a promotion for some Connecticut fire fighters due to the fact that no black fire fighters passed the test.
Now weather or not the tests were bias or that the black firefighters just couldn't hack the test. I have now idea.
What I do know is that racism is still alive and well.
I'm not saying if you disagree with Sotomayor's decision you're instantly a racist.
No, that isn't it at all.
I haven't read the whole case so I don't know for sure if she was right or wrong about this decision.
Still, to watch so many Right wing supporters go on and on about a decision that prevented a group of firefighters from getting a raise.
This is not a decision that put an individual in prison for life. This decision did not let a convicted child molester go free. This decision, for what ever reason, has become a soap box for scared, rich white men in politics.
Rush Limbaugh goes on and on how Sotomayor is nothing but a bigot just waiting for her to let some child rapists go free in local preschools so long as they are a minority.
I don't know if its funny or ironic to watch some fat, drug addict who has based an entire career on being a bigoted piece of shit like Rush turn around and start calling others racists.
Is it really that scary?
Is it heart stopping thinking about some one who busted their ass in Brooklyn to become a Supreme Court judge.
They one thing that has come to light, the real scary thing that has reared its ugly head is that ever since Obama and Sotomayor came into the political has all been about race.
Rush Limbaugh and that douche bag Senator from South Carolina have done nothing but expose themselves and the bigots they are.
I swear if I hear that fuck face Lindsey Graham ask one more question about Sotomayors temperament I'm going to lose it.
Just come out and say it.
You hot blooded Mexicans will put every gringo in jail.
I thought Puerto Rico was a part of Mexico or maybe Cuba who knows?
Yes it's true as a Latino we do have a mission to take over the United States.
I have to admit this because it's to late for the white people to stop us. This mission has been in motion since Columbus discovered the West Indies. This mission has been passed from generation to generation.
Operation: Oye Papo adonde esta los frijoles?

Well despite this charade that is just a huge waste of tax payer's time, she will be the first Hispanic women to ever hold a seat in the Supreme Court. Personally, I'm very proud to see this. I'm half Puerto Rican and to see this makes me proud. My Great Grandmother came here during the Depression and busted her ass to get her family here from Puerto Rico. It's good to see that we (and by we I mean Latinos) aren't just mechanics or cleaning ladies. We are Americans just like so many others that occupy this land. We may be diffrent and loud but we are worth getting to know because this is just another step closer to being...just like everyone else.


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  1. you know.. i posted a comment to this but for some reason it didn't work and now i cant remember exactly what i wrote. point is that its sad how everything has become about something that doesnt even exist: race. i think the anthropologists of the world have to come together to educate the rest of the idiots and let them know that hey, guess what? this shit was created so we can have ways of seperating one another so some of us could feel like we're better than others! woohoo! fuck these assholes in government who didnt want sotomayor. she's there and guess what? she's not fucking leaving either. i'm proud to have a "wise latina woman" in the mix for once. there really need to be more of us out there making a racket.