Monday, July 20, 2009

Chi wiz this sucks

I've never been a spiritual person.
I guess all those years of Christians shoving their buckets of hypocritical bullshit down my throat has left full yet foul mouthed.
Then there is always the shining examples of how well the Jews and the Muslims treat each other especially in the "Holy Land".
Nothing is like watching the birthplace of I guess would have been a kind, accepting and loving man's birthplace become a war zone.
Then again how do I know Jesus was such a good guy. I mean he never committed to Mary Magdalen, never told guys who wrote the Bible to quit referring her as a "whore", and I would be pist if my Dad let me die on a cross then sent me to his Nemesis so I could get the shit kicked and raped out of me.
I would have liked to seen that home coming.
Hey Son, I hope your not mad at your dear ole' Dad I just wanted to save all these neandratals from the horrible deeds they did.
What, Well they haven't completely changed their ways...well...ok they didn't.
No, their still trying rob, rape and kill each other, but look at the bright side. They wear that Roman torture device that you died on around thier necks.
Because they love you.
How could someone be so sadistic?
I don't know? Ask your mother.
(And scene)
Then there are the Shintoists...don't get me started about the Shintoists. What are they hiding? Despite what they actually believe in...because fuck if I know. (I do know it has something to do with Final Fantasy 7)
I jest (no I don't) but there are spiritual principles that I believe in.
For one there is Karma. I believe in Karma because in a scientific point of view. I have witnessed it.
Nothing like an ex-girl/boyfriend getting fucked over in the same matter they had fucked you over. It's especially sweet when they call you up to tell you about it.
I know I give this a negative context but good Karma happens too.
There is a saying about Karma that unfortunately is true when one is wronged on our daily walk in life.
"Karma is just justice without the satisfaction" James Caan in Way of the Gun.

The other, even though I bash this book a very good amount, is found in the Bible.
"Do onto others what you would have done onto your self."
Great philosiphy from a religion who has inspired millions to follow a moral code that stands truer to "Do as I say not as I do"

I was originally was going to speak about the Chi and how it some one messes with one's Chi it can throw one off balance for the rest of the day.
Instead all I did was complain.

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  1. So... I'm totally curious about which ex got fucked over but i'll ask you about that in person. However, I understand what you mean about people seeming to think they've gotten it right when they obviously haven't (otherwise i don't think they'd be killing each other.) But actually, I think I want you to write about chi more. I think we should have a rule, where if either one of us is messing with the other's chi, we should just say it outright. Try to be more positive people! As for religion... who knows. Honestly I kind of want to check out the unitarian universalist church. Not because i'll be a constant worshipper of everything. More like I kind of miss the idea of going somewhere weekly to listen to someone talk about spirituality on some other level beyond my computer screen...