Thursday, July 2, 2009

God has it in for celebrities!!!

The lord has it in for celebrities. Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and the great (the bizarre) Michael Jackson.
I'm not happy that these people have died I guess I'm just surprised to see this many famous people eat it so close to each other. Especially the fact that McMahon and Fawcett's passing will be completely eclipsed by Jackson.
It's sad to see that one persons death is deemed more important. There are millions of people dieing everyday, in cancer wards, Iraq, even on subway tracks. Their names last for less than a millisecond and fade into the void while Michael Jackson is a step away from being an ordained Pop Saint.
Don't get me wrong I love his music but this is why I really never want to meet my heroes.
You might find out that they are just as or more fucked up as you or me.
Not to say that Jackson was my heroe. I love his music I just wished I didn't really know anything about him. It just over shadows his music. Then again I'm just really pissed that George Carlin didn't get his own national holiday.
I'm definately going to miss him.
Now they are dead and may they rest in peace.
Hell, I can hear McMahon now.
"For most gratuitous media coverage of ones death"
Fawcett gets 3 stars
I get 3 and one quarter stars
and Mr. Jackson gets...
4 stars!!!
Thank You ladies and gentlemen this is were I get off.

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