Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So begins an on/off relationship with my blog

This is the first of what I hope will be many useless comments and ideas. I've blogged a few times on myspace (which will soon go the way of the dodo thanks to the quick evolution of Facebook which will fall to the planet changing meteor of Myface or Spacebook who knows...who cares?)
The only problem is that I really don't have anything to say right now.
Right off the bat and this blog is dying quicker that democracy.
I guess I can talk about what is going on in Iran.
I hate the Ayatollah not because he is Muslim just because he is another of a long line of religious leaders in this world that use the word or more to the point his interpretation of the Koran (Or any other religious instruction manuals) for his own purposes and intrests.
He is just another member of the Big 3 religions that is fucking up the world as we know it.
Do I blame God?
That is a good question. I don't think so...I just have a gut feeling he gave up on helping us a long time ago.
Everyone looks at him like an afterlife Santa Clause.
Forever Rewarded, forever blessed.
I wonder, since we're all sinners than what kind of heaven do we want?
Maybe Islam was a little more honest of their idea of heaven.
What to do with all those virgins?
Is heaven sinless?
If so, then what is going to be so fun or rewarding. I mean I don't think that hardcore religious folk love watching G-rated movies their whole lives through.
I think a G-rated heaven would be more like hell. It's forever and I think that is just long enough to watch these poor men and women who worked so hard to get aborted or pop in that last minute deathbed apology before letting go of their bowels to mark the glorious occasion of passing into the after life.
What is Heaven is it reward or an eternal Kissing Gods Ass-fest
Who knows?
I don't!
So guess the truer "will" of God is to live our life to the fullest while we're here.
Well that is my first blog.
I see I haven't lost my cynicism.
So now the trick is to keep this up maybe I'll learn something like all those Public Service Announcements.

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  1. welcome to the wide, wonderful world of blogging! and if the religious folk watching g-rated movies comment was a crack on my parents, well... you're right. :\ lol but really... uhm. fuck the ayatollah. the end.